CloudPhysics is one of the top 10 virtualization companies based in Silicon Valley. We are currently working on the front-end side of their product following the specs created by their designers. At their early stage they required a front-end developer and given that good programmers are hard to find locally Maurizio started collaborating remotely with them. After two years of sustained growth other developers from OLAB joined the team and we are still working with them. We work following an agile methodology with two weeks sprints, a code reviews process and daily updates through web calls. In this case we follow our clients requirements regarding the process and the technologies used. As a project management tool we use JIRA and Gerrit for the review process. In terms of technologies we work with LESS, AngularJS and Highchart. CloudPhysics product is an highly interactive application with heavy data so performances are really important.

“Maurizio and his team are excellent at design and implementation. They are great at sizing projects and delivering them as promised. For extra credit, they are pleasant to be with!”

Jim Kleckner Jim Kleckner VP Engineer

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