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Mohsen and Mark were looking for a reliable CTO in order to create the MVP of their product. Ento is a web app that suggests the most appropriate home automation products based on the customer's budget and home size. They had some bad experiences with software development agencies mainly because they needed to sign a new agreement for every change to their initial specifics. For a startup at a very early stage it's impossible to have such detailed specs. In the process of building an MVP is key to make changes  listening the feedback from early adopters. We understand how important is to provide a daily support. We follow an Agile SCRUM process with weekly sprints, daily updates, online code repository and code reviews. Everything is transparent and completely accessible by the entire team. We made a proposal on an high level estimation based on what they needed and on the potential changes there could be during the road. Based on Mark's design we built the Ento Home Automation MVP using DJANGO on the back-end side and jQuery/CSS3/HTML5 on the front-end. We also built the site's algorithm to pick the most appropriate products. We didn't build a mobile app for them but the design and the implementation are responsive so that the users can use Ento also from a smartphone. We still take care of the maintenance of the product. 

“After outsourcing the development work for my previous startup, CloudX, I was once again thinking about the “build or buy” dilemma. However, I found the best of both worlds in OLab. Maurizio's friendly and professional approach gives with a team member's input but also the flexibility that is required at the early stages of building a new startup. I highly recommend working with OLAB and also visiting them in Nettuno for a coding session plus some coffee, lunch, dinner, ice cream and a day of visiting Rome!”

Mohsen M Khalkhali Mohsen M Khalkhali Partner @Iratel Ventures

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