huunuu is an innovative web application with the  challenging objective to modernising the death industry making death and funerals easier to talk about. When we met Clare and Freya for the first time they were in the middle of working with an outsourcing company based in India and after 10 months they were still without a working product. They knew they needed to make a change but had already spent a lot of money to achieve small results. At the time the huunuu team was working on trying to achieve an outcome from the outsource company and working with a London branding agency developing a really fresh design. When we started working with them we wanted to reuse what they had as much as possible to support their journey but the bugs were too many and the architecture was overthought. After a couple of weeks we took the challenging decision to refactor the existing code. The huunuu project requires a good administration panel and doesn't have heavy interactions on the UI, for this reason we created their application with Django on the back-end and jQuery on the front-end. We defined a roadmap with them, and every couple of weeks we released a new version of the app so that the team could see the product from the beginning. We were able to get huunuu to a point where they were able to start adding new vendors every week. We followed an agile approach with weekly calls and daily updates, defining the features we wanted to work on each week. After three months we completed the first stage allowing them to take a significant step forward. We are still working with huunuu, maintaining the current development and adding new features based on the feedback they receive from users and mentors.

“People make the world go round, not money! Technical ability can be really lost if the people you are working with don’t know how they add value… The entire team at Olab know what they are good at, how to add value and deliver. We took technical references, they all came out really strong. We needed to work with a team that would share their opinions, take our direction and most of all be able to work together as 'one team', alongside huunuu and our branding agency. Without a doubt we have started to form a long term relationship, we love their ethos and what is important to them. I know they will help us achieve our aim and we will continue to work together over the coming years.”

Clare Metcalf Clare Metcalf The Bosses Boss!

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