When we met Ivan, the Founder of Swaap, he had just an idea that he wanted to implement. We started working on his idea just writing down possible features and wireframes. We wanted to define the minimum set of features useful to validate the idea. In few weeks we defined the features, the wireframes and the design. During the process the Founder was fully involved in the design and every week we had an iteration. We really wanted to create something that really satisfied Ivan. After that the design was complete we started coding the mobile app and the back-end. The app development consisted in two steps, first of all we created a static mobile app so that we started immediately testing the app and the UX. That brought few changes to the initial design. With this kind of process any change at this stage doesn't require much time. Just after 3 months from the initial idea Swaap became a real app. Right now Swaap is still in stealth mode and it is open only to few users in order to validate the assumptions.

“Last year, I had an idea to create an app that would grow into an alternative value exchange platform, and given that I'm not a programmer by background, I started looking for a partner to help me implement it. I use the word partner intentionally as obviously one can hire a freelancer for a particular task but what I was looking for was a lot more - somebody with experience to help me design and implement the app. After speaking to a number of developers I ended up choosing OLAB and haven't regretted my decision. They were instrumental in not only the actual programming implementation, but also design, user interface and interaction management. I am currently in Beta stage and hoping to have a product ready by this fall. What I value most about OLAB is the professional attitude and strong track record in delivering. This may sound like an obvious thing to say but believe me it's not. Maurizio has always been available at short notice to discuss anything that's necessary and also offer his and the teams insight if he he had improvement suggestions. I'm looking forward to seeing my product over the finish line later this year and watching it grow, thanks to OLAB.”

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