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Maurizio Conventi
Software engineer with a passion for travelling, Maurizio loves experiencing new cultures and communities. He’s built up a massive network of friends from all over the world, but he has kept his hometown Nettuno, near Rome, and its community close to his heart. Maurizio is Software Architect with many years of experience working on front end applications (AngularJS, jQuery, LESS, D3js, Highcharts, API), back end (Django, PHP) and BI (SAS).
Graziella Leggi
Citizen of the world with her partner Maurizio and a baby elephant, Auhauh. Graziella originally studied Interior Design, but soon she discovered a passion for making handmade plush animals. On her travels, she is a really keen photographer, often capturing eccentric things she encounters. After few years as product manager for CuddlyMade, Graziella is working as UX Designer.
Gabriele Visconti
Ever since childhood, Gabriele has enjoyed a love for computer science and he went on to graduate in Telecommunications Engineering, his other big passion is in the kitchen. Cooking brings out his scientific thinking, experimenting with different techniques, tastes and temperatures. He is constantly fascinated by the chemical and physical changes in the cooking process. Gabriele has many years working on native mobile development (Android and iOS). More recently he works on the front end development using AngularJS, LESS and Highcharts.
Sara De Franceschi
Sara graduated in Rome after a period of time studying abroad in Paris and New York. She loves crafting products and deals with design and visual communication, investigating connections with learning, and new technologies. She uses her degree in Architecture, as an invaluable resource in her work. Sara also dabbles in the theatre world, both on and behind the stage and likes to sing. Sara is working as UI and Product Designer.
Marco Ferrantini
Front End Developer with a passion for music, Marco knew from an early age what he would be in the future. The world of graphics and visual design he has always found intriguing. Marco considers his job a perfect mix of what he loves – testing his creativity while offering new challenges in innovation. To unwind, he uses music to express himself, and can often be found playing the electric bass. Marco is focused on the front end technologies and experienced with AngularJS, LESS and API.
Matteo Benin
Matteo has two big passions in his life – firstly music, which is why he learnt how to play bass guitar and ended up playing in a band! He also harboured his passion for technology and programming, and now he lives, thinks and breathes it, 24/7. After four years of working experience with C# and three years with native mobile development (iOS), Matteo works on the back end side using NodeJS and MongoDB.
Alessandro Innocenzi
Alessandro is a Nerd Destroyer. He loves to improve the performance of existing systems, and test their security. The passion for Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology brings him to put his hands on a lot of things, such as LEGO Mindstorms, Arduino, hardware hacking and so on... With over 13 years of IT consulting on different environments, databases and operating systems, he knows several technologies and languages such as C, C#, Java, Objective-C, PHP, Python and so on. SUP, Star Wars and table soccer fill the time when he isn't studying some new arcane technology.
Alessandro Iacoponi
Alessandro is passionate about entrepreneurship and believes business can make a positive and responsible contribution to society. He moved in London in 2011 and worked for several VC funded digital media Start Ups. He's passionate about cinema, journalism and photography. He truly believes business relationships bring people closer.