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We are Django/Python dedicated developers, with more than 10 years on Django development. We work for clients around the world building bespoke digital solutions. Our clients have a direct relationship with our developers and a direct impact on the technology we craft on their behalf.

We’re committed to delivering high quality code for both short-term projects and long-term collaborations.

Our clients own all the Property Rights to the deliverables and the software developed by OLAB on their behalf.

We are focused on data processing and web applications on Python/Django/Docker/Kubernetes.

Following is an introduction to the fields we are specialized.


Nel 2019 OLAB ha ricevuto un sostegno finanziario nell'ambito del progetto POR FESR 2014/2020 - BENI CULTURALI E TURISMO - SCOPRIRE IL LAZIO GIOCANDO – Domanda Prot. n. A0199-2018-17525, CUP F78I19000050006.

Nell’ambito del Bando, il Progetto vuole realizzare una piattaforma di quiz game dedicata alle bellezze culturali e turistiche del Lazio, supportata da totem touch screen da collocare in ambiti strategici (fiere internazionali di settore, luoghi di interesse, musei, e altri). Nello specifico, consapevoli dell’ammirazione che da sempre le bellezze di Roma vantano agli occhi del mondo, il lavoro si concentrerà su quei siti che meritano di essere valorizzati e riportati alla luce, per bellezza e interesse storico-culturale e che anche il resto della Regione può offrire.


OLAB API Integration


The team at Olab have a wide-ranging experience integrating third party API in various contexts. Payment Gateways (Stripe, Paypal, Braintree), Maps (Google, TomTom, Open Street Map), Voice and Text (Twilio, Vonage/Nexmo), Social Media (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter) are just some examples of API we used in our projects.

If you need to integrate an external API we can help you, please contact us in order to receive a time and cost estimation.

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Data is the most valuable asset for companies. Most of the time, data comes from mixed sources and in different formats. Used properly data should be easily accessible and work for you. This could be when shared publicly or in a confidential way with partners and shareholders.

The OLAB Team have worked on several projects that required data collection, processing and visualisation. Contact us if you want to know more about our data processing case studies and how we can help you with your project.

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OLAB Recommendation engine


A recommendation engine based on sales data, user behaviour or product characteristics is a powerful tool in order to increase sales.

We created a demo as an example of a recommendation engine that is built using the properties of wine in order to increase sales.



Engaging with your community is never easy, everyone is receiving hundreds of advertising messages and emails every day. Gamification is an opportunity to involve your community in a fun way, in order to create a connection with them that is based on learning rather than on spam.

OLAB created several web-based games in order to help their clients reduce the gap between them and their community. Contact us if you want to know more about our gamification case studies and how we can help you.

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OLAB MVP Creation


We create complete minimum viable products (MVP) for entrepreneurs without a technical background. We start from a high-level specification and work with them from conception to the finished working product.

To keep things simple, we work on a fixed total cost, which is based on the features that must be implemented.

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Have you ever considered the journey your users are taking to get to your sales page?

Or, the page they get lost on after they visit your landing page?

What is the most influential page that brings users to your sales page?

Can you extract meaningful information from your analytics tool? We can provide you with periodic reports that contain these answers and other fundamental data in order to improve your website.

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OLAB User Path Analysis


We are proud to work with some exceptional companies worldwide, here is an example of what they have to say:

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time would you need to build a working demo for me?

Based on the request, we are committed to building a working demo between one and two weeks.

Would you build it with your proprietary engine?

No, you won't pay any monthly fee for a proprietary product or service. We will build your recommendation engine with open source technologies.

Would you need access to our source code?

No, we won't need access to your source code. We will build a separate service that can be integrated with your code via API.

Should we send our data outside our infrastructure?

No, not if you don't want to. The solutions we build can be hosted in the cloud or into your own infrastructure as well.

Would you maintain the code?

Yes, if you want. We can offer a maintenance service after the release. Otherwise all the solutions we build will be based on open source code accessible to any developer in your team.

What technologies do you use?

We usually pick the technologies and programming languages based on the digital solution we should build, we are strongly focused on python, django, html, css, less, javascript, jquery, d3js, highcharts, angularjs, postgresql, neo4j, mongodb, redis.

What about intellectual property?

Our clients will own all the Property Rights in the deliverables and the software developed by OLAB on their behalf.

How often do you communicate with your clients?

We are committed to update our clients every day via video call, email, trello or slack. If you prefer to use another tool, it is not a problem to use it.

Why should I choose OLAB?

Because we can offer bespoke solutions with a strong background in web-based applications that collect, process and show data. Our solutions are built starting from a codebase, which is refined over time and experience, for this reason we can build complex digital solutions in a short time.

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